Business Strategy

Our offer

We focus on industry-specific business software where our offerings are more cost effective than general ERP-solutions. Our total offering consists of the following parts;

  • Software
  • Specialist services
  • SaaS, support / maintenance contract

Business Idea

Our mission is to create value through software and service offering customers a profitable and modern business support. Our software supports fundamental core processes of our client companies and without these they cannot run their core businesses.

Acquisition Strategy

An important part of our business is to continually search for target companies in existing or new vertical software markets. The target companies must have the following characteristics;

Target companies

Vertical market orientation

  • Activities within defined niches with potential
  • Ability to achieve dominance in the niche

Business models with recurring revenue

  • Revenues shall to a significant part consist of contract-based software revenue.

Characteristic for Target company

  • 10-100 million SEK turnover
  • Vertical market software company
  • Earnings per share after the acquisition critical factor
  • Price ~ 5-7 times depending on equity